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Defiance College - Men's Soccer
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We are asking for a donation to register for the event in which you will receive DCMS apparel in return! Your donation will go towards new equipment for the program!" to this "Donations are welcome, but registration for the 2017 DCMS Alumni Game is free. Any additional donations made to the program will go toward facility and program improvements. As always, we will have gear for sale on site which will include game gear, training wear, etc. You can pre-order items by submitting the necessary donation level. Donations will go towards new equipment, new jerseys, facility improvements and our international trip.


  • $20 - Receive a Scarf
  • $40 - Receive a classic game Jersey (Circa 2011-2013, white, black, GK Blue)
  • $70 - Receive two classic game Jerseys (your choice)
  • $150 - Receive DCMS Purple Gift Pack
  • $250 - Receive DCMS Gold Gift Pack
  • $500 - Receive DCMS Purple & Gold Gift Packs
  • $1000 - Receive DCMS Yellow Jacket Gift Pack

*while supplies last!
*Gift Packs will include past and present items
**Donations not required for Alumni Game Participation